If you’re interested in registering for this course, read on…

STEP 1Send an email to Wayne Crannell or John Williams to set up an interview. THIS IS REQUIRED. The interview process ensures that you are at least as interested in castles, crosses, kilts, and celts as you are in pubs. Your job is to convince us that you are reasonably serious about this trip AS A CLASS.

NOTE: Registration for this course will remain open until filled.

STEP 2 — You receive faculty approval by interviewing and obtaining a signature on the registration card.

STEP 3 — Get approval from your mentor to register on that same card.

STEP 4 — Complete the FINANCIAL OBLIGATION FORM and pay your Jan Term deposit. THIS DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. If you change Jan Terms — not something greeted with great enthusiasm by faculty, BTW — the deposit is applied to the other Jan Term. If you decide not to travel, you lose your deposit.

STEP 4a — Take your receipt from the deposit and your card and go to the Registrar.

STEP 5 — Pay half of your Jan Term bill by October 1, 2017 and the other half by November 1, 2017

STEP 6 — Attend ALL of the on-campus meetings in Fall 2017.